A View I Have On Children

Recently in a parent-teacher conference, some points came up which reminded me of a very important view I have, which I hope we all have, on how to treat people. It’s really what I founded the company on and what I aspire to live by. It can be easy to lose sight of. I enjoyed revisiting this belief recently and feeling revitalized in applying it…….
I wanted to share a view with you all that I have on children. I have this view, really, on all people, but in particular I feel very strongly about how it applies to children.
The moment that you stop looking at a person as an individual, you will cease to be able to help them. You will no longer benefit them. Once you decide to clump them into a category with others, you are giving up to some degree, on seeing it through that they get the help they need.
It’s very easy to put a person into a category. “They don’t get math, they just don’t understand”. Ah…your problem is solved as the teacher now. You think you know what to do or not do with them because books and ancient theories tell you what to do with “these” types of people.
I have found this belief and system to be incorrect. Clumping a person into a category doesn’t help. If it did, then the person would recover once assigned to the category 😉
Our students are already being taught according to a category in school and if that were working, they wouldn’t need us as they do.
Instead, find out what works for that person. And please know, there isn’t any one thing. John has auditory processing issues so he does well with visuals, but Karen with the same issue does not. Try out suggestions, but don’t be married to them. Work with the individual who you have in front of you. Use what works, try things, even things that are not supposed to work with “those” types of students.
This is not to say that you won’t find students or people, who fit down to every detail, a certain personality of learning style. Many of the things prescribed for that personality of learning style may work beautifully. Don’t stop there though. Don’t start thinking the person is that thing. Please always recognize them as who they are, an individual.
Thank you for your continued dedication in all you do to help children! Have a great night.
Terry LaRocca
Terry’s Tutoring Team
Educational Director

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