When Looking For A School

I recently went to meet with my admissions counselor. (Yes, even Teacher Terry is not immune to the process of school applications.)  After taking nearly 2 years off from school while taking care of Benson, it was time to get back into the swing of things.
Benson was fortunate enough to come with me. I’m convinced that dragging my kids to my college campus any chance I can will somehow instill in them the passion and desire I have to learn. Plus, I’m competing with their Papa who takes them to concerts, so I have to take some kind of action! When we met with my counselor, Benson was doing his usual thing, talking, counting his cars, pointing out things in the room.
After we finished talking and my counselor was walking me out she told me that I had a really special boy. She went to say, “He’s very bright…he’s honestly probably gifted.” I smiled at her and we continued to chat as our conversation turned to the recent shooting in Las Vegas. As we were talking, I started to reflect more on her comment about Benson and I felt compelled to share with her, “You know what I realized talking to you right now? I don’t care if Benson is gifted or not. I just want to have a kid who’s nice, a kid who has compassion and cares about other people. That really, in the end, is so much more valuable than anything else I could wish for him.” She hugged me and we both shed a few tears. I didn’t realize some of the emotions I was hanging onto in light of the recent events in the world. It was relieving to share them with someone who understood.
My number one suggestion to you, as parents, when looking for a school is the same. Don’t look for what school is the most popular among your friends, or the most highly academic or most progressive. Look for a school that is going to nurture your child. Look for a school that is going to help your child be the best that they can be as a whole person. A school that shares the same the values that you have as a family and that feels like an extension of your family. I really believe that if you put that as your priority when searching for schools, everything else will come into place.
We are always here to answer questions and support you in anyway we can with your school journeys.
Sending love and peace

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